Monday, 19 March 2012

And so the snowman appears

I began "Snowman and Friends" a DMC Gold Collection "Petites" you would think it being only 5" X  7" that it would not post much of a challenge but fumble fingers here really did struggle with the white on white stitching so from now on I am stitching in natural light only but I am really enjoying it and the cute little snowman face is just adorable...well here he is so far

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Wednesday, 14 March 2012

A stocking and a new project

I have finished stitching another of the Tiny Stockings but have yet time to sit and finish them.  I have been unwell the last few days and missed a days work today but really was not up to doing agreat deal.  I did however chase up a kit that a dear friend bought for me for my last borthday and I really have taken to it so I think that will be the next project I start...though I have two kits in the you never know I may end up with three new starts by next week.
Here is my little stocking all finished and paitiently waiting to be finished...

Here is the kit I was gifted "Gold Collections Petites"
Snowman and Friends

I love his friendly face

I am thinking in order to be able to get through my projects without neglectingany of them I will start stitching "Wintertime Wolves" at night and on the weekend evenings and continue with the goal of one Bucilla Tiny Stocking ornament per week and stitch on other projects during the day.

I am heading for surgery on the 28th of this month with at least a six week recovery period so there is plenty of time for stitching.

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Sunday, 11 March 2012

It's begining to feel a lot like Christmas

Blog finish number two is my little Christmas pillow.  I stitched him up today and found a little display stand to pop him on....he is my first Christmas finish and looks a little lonely so best be putting more finishes together. Here he is:-

I found a scrap of Christmas fabric adorned with holly leaves for the backing and two small red buttons from the local op-shop....that is also where I found the scrap of braid for the sides and the red ribbon which I fashioned into a bow.......

I took the Wolves outside for a little airing today it is sooo much easier to stitch in a natural light source...though mind you since I had to unpick an hour's stitching I really didn't acheive anything however that will teach me to concentrate.

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Saturday, 10 March 2012

The Monster is Out of Hibernation

As I mentioned in my last post I was going to dig my stitching frame out of the dungeons of my shed and resurrect it to put my "Wintertime Wolves" on.  Whilst struggling to help me put it together the floor frame was dubbed "the monster" by my friend.  However after a few whispered harsh words here she is all set up with the Wolves in attendance.

A close up of the progress on my wolf it is hard to see but I have finished the "snow drift" under his feet

Tonight I will be working on my next Bucilla Stocking and tomorrow I will devote to my wolves.

For those of you in Australia there is a charity stitching organisation that would be very grateful for cross stitch squares to make quilts for children who are terminally ill or have life long illness.  They have easy to follow guidelines and their website is:-

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Birds of a feather

I finished the stitching of my second Bucilla Stocking Ornament tonight.  These sweet little birds will make a fine decoration for our Christmas Centrepiece this year.  It is a three day long weekend here in Adelaide so I will get the chance to pull out the sewing machine Monday and sew these little lovelies together.  Here is stocking number two:-

My dear friend Miss Tegan photocopied and enlarged another two pages of the "Wintertime Wolves" for me this evening so I can get back to that now.  One of the few disadvantages of aging the eyesight is fading slowly and glasses for any stitching is now a neccessity and the enlargement of patterns also...well it could be worse.  Due to the size of Wintertime Wolves I am considering putting it up on my large floor stand to stitch which means I cannot take it out and about with me but it will be much easier to stitch and keep the fabric nice and taut.

Well it is nigh on 1 am here so off to bed for this little duck.

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Thursday, 8 March 2012

Australian Suppliers

For my fellow Australian Cross Stitchers

I have recenetly been drooling over some of the lovely patterns that I see some of the overseas bloggers have so readily available.  Of course we can order them from OS but I recently came across this Online Source which is based in Australia.  They have a large number of  Cross Stitch patterns that come from the US and other parts of the world.  They also stock many of the threads and fabrics needed.  Also being in Australia the time it takes for your parcel of goodies to arrive is reduced and if you are like me hopping from one foot to the other waiting for your cross stitch goodies to finally turn up on the doorstep this is quite a treat so here is the link

They also provide a phone number and if you are in WA their address and shop hours

Now for other supplies such as my magnetic board and stand to hold my Cross stitch patterns I use another Australian online source and what I love about this store is that they deliver so quickly I received my last order within 48 hours of payment so without further ado

Hope that this is helpful for some on my Aussie co-stitchers


Stockings stockings everywhere

Preparing for Christmas

Every year I say and think that I will make some sweet decorations for Christmas but it never happens so I am starting early this year as I showed you the Bucilla miniature Christams stocking ornaments I am planning on stitching.  Today I finished the first being the Poinsettia design and startrd the "Larks"...well that is what I am calling them they are the sweet grey birds.  Here is the Poinsettia and the progress on my birds...I will sew them up this weekend as I am expected to make a Juliet costume for my Miss P's English class performance hence the sewing machine will be up and running.

There is a fair few colours in these designs and quite a lot of backstitching but the effect is very nice.

And the little bit of progress on the second stocking
The stockings are backed with red felt...included in the kit and I bought a little bit of cord to add to them to hang them on the tree..

Now I best get back to the Wintertime Wolves or else I will have one very unhappy young lady on my hands.

Embrace your blessings and they will multiply

Monday, 5 March 2012

My First Blogged Finish

Medieval Queen

My first finish for this blog (most excited). I finished off Medieval Queen a Textile Heritage Bookmark Kit. A counted Cross Stitch Design made in Scotland.  I enjoy these kits but one of the most pleasurable features of them is that this design comes with a design story which brings the kit to life.
Well without further ado here she is:-

My Queen will be on her way to My Mother tomorrow.  Poor Mum has been under the weather so hoping this will cheer her up.

Now a start I have decided to start my Bucilla 30 Christmas stocking ornaments and these are the ones I like the best and am starting first

I am very partial to the birds but love the colours of the Pointsetia.  I think these miniature stockings will look lovely on a small Christmas Tree as a centre piece this coming Christmas.

Be kind to yourself and those you love


So close to finished

We had a beautiful weekend.  Sunday was the day we had long awaited and our beautiful daughter was baptised.  Our Parish Priest did a touching and meaningful ceremony and we all joined together to celebrate with a family Lunch.  It is not often with the commitments we all have to get together often and this day meant a great deal to us all.  Though not all good this morning on my way to work I was rear ended by another car, only a scratch to my car and a small knock on the head for me, really shook me up though but very grateful no one was hurt.  Now for my stitching updates (excuse the photo quality please my camera is playing up and I had to borrow my daughter's phone)

Medieval Queen

I love this kit it is a Textile Heritage Bookmark Kit, I finished the King for my Father last year and have nearly finished the Queen for Mum.  The Textile Heritage Bookmark kits have a good amount of detail in them and make gorgeous gifts.  The instructions are easy to understand and the threads are of a good quality thus reducing the number of snags.  So here she is nearly finished just a little more back stitching needed. The felt that is rovided for the backing is a green that suits the piece very well the tassle and cord is also included. Sadly this picture does not do justice to the piece I will hunt out my other camera for the finished piece.

Wintertime Wolves
A quick update on Wintertime Wolves. FInally the wolf has a tummy.

A New Kit
I was gifted this Bucilla Kit "Tiny Stocking Ornaments" Makes 30 Miniture Christmas Stocking Ornaments definately want to start this kit soon.

Take each minute for  the precious gift it is

Friday, 2 March 2012

Progress, a finish and a find


A quick update on ""Wintertime Wolves". I didn't think I would enjoy this Cross Stitch as much as I do, it really isn't my "thing". However Miss P loves wolves (one too many Twilight movies methinks) so she begged me to do it for her room.  It is starting to take form as I noticed when I removed the hoop to change position.

I am planning the frame I will use on this one which is optimistic thinking since I am not a quarter of the way finished yet.

A Find

I have neglected my Op-shopping forays but yesterday I popped into one of my favourites and hit the motherload.  These brand new Buetron buttons that had fallen off their cards but were otherwise unused.  33 Beautiful buttons that I cannot wait to use in my scrapbooking pages or on cards for the grand total of $3-99.  Made me a happy camper.

A Finish

I found this little ornament needing three stitches to finish it off last night.  I began stitching this from a "freebie" but for the life of me I cannot remember the site.  The pattern was not with it.  I am planning to make a little cushion with a button centre so I will sew that up this weekend  (fingers crossed).  If anyone knows the link to this piece I would be grateful if you could let me know so that I can link it here and give credit where credit is due.

We are in for a very busy weekend here our Darling youngest Miss E is being baptized on Sunday and we are very excited.  Today is the mammoth clean of the house in preparation for the family coming to lunch after.  Oh and this unorganised mother hasn't bought her gift as yet so a run to the store and then the cook up begins.  Which reminds me to get a move on.

Cherish the gifts you have
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Thursday, 1 March 2012

A Blog is Born

And so it begins.....

 At last the journey begins.  I am an avid reader of many cross stitch and lifestyle blogs and have planned, thought about, decided on and finally acted here is the begining of my story.
For many years I have loved cross stitch and found a great enjoyment in the planning of a project and the stitching but most of all looking at the finished work taking it's place of pride in my home or of sending it out as a gift for the loved ones in my life. 
I get that warm and tingly feeling when I see that one of the blogs I follow have updated their progress and like a miser watching his gold accrue I am with great anticipation seeing the neat stitches grow on everyone's masterpieces.
I am a single Mum to five but three of my babies have grown and flown the nest leaving me with my Dear Daughters 12 and 14 from here on in known to you all as Miss E and Miss P. Of course the most well behaved child in the house is my furbaby Moe...a Moodle cross Maltese and Toy Poodle.  He is the one faithful and constant in my life (with the added bonus he doesn't chat back).

Well to start off with my first project that ..... I am currently working on Wintertime Wolves....Started 07/02/2012
"Wintertime Wolves"
The Gold Collection
18 x 11 inches
Designed by Larry Fanning
Progress as of 26/02/2012

I have quite a few WIP's and will hunt them out tto post here and am setting myself a few challenges over the upcoming months.  Perhaps you would like to join me?

Taking each gift and day as it comes