Wednesday, 14 March 2012

A stocking and a new project

I have finished stitching another of the Tiny Stockings but have yet time to sit and finish them.  I have been unwell the last few days and missed a days work today but really was not up to doing agreat deal.  I did however chase up a kit that a dear friend bought for me for my last borthday and I really have taken to it so I think that will be the next project I start...though I have two kits in the you never know I may end up with three new starts by next week.
Here is my little stocking all finished and paitiently waiting to be finished...

Here is the kit I was gifted "Gold Collections Petites"
Snowman and Friends

I love his friendly face

I am thinking in order to be able to get through my projects without neglectingany of them I will start stitching "Wintertime Wolves" at night and on the weekend evenings and continue with the goal of one Bucilla Tiny Stocking ornament per week and stitch on other projects during the day.

I am heading for surgery on the 28th of this month with at least a six week recovery period so there is plenty of time for stitching.

Thanks for visitng and please call back soon

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