Thursday, 8 March 2012

Stockings stockings everywhere

Preparing for Christmas

Every year I say and think that I will make some sweet decorations for Christmas but it never happens so I am starting early this year as I showed you the Bucilla miniature Christams stocking ornaments I am planning on stitching.  Today I finished the first being the Poinsettia design and startrd the "Larks"...well that is what I am calling them they are the sweet grey birds.  Here is the Poinsettia and the progress on my birds...I will sew them up this weekend as I am expected to make a Juliet costume for my Miss P's English class performance hence the sewing machine will be up and running.

There is a fair few colours in these designs and quite a lot of backstitching but the effect is very nice.

And the little bit of progress on the second stocking
The stockings are backed with red felt...included in the kit and I bought a little bit of cord to add to them to hang them on the tree..

Now I best get back to the Wintertime Wolves or else I will have one very unhappy young lady on my hands.

Embrace your blessings and they will multiply

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