Monday, 5 March 2012

So close to finished

We had a beautiful weekend.  Sunday was the day we had long awaited and our beautiful daughter was baptised.  Our Parish Priest did a touching and meaningful ceremony and we all joined together to celebrate with a family Lunch.  It is not often with the commitments we all have to get together often and this day meant a great deal to us all.  Though not all good this morning on my way to work I was rear ended by another car, only a scratch to my car and a small knock on the head for me, really shook me up though but very grateful no one was hurt.  Now for my stitching updates (excuse the photo quality please my camera is playing up and I had to borrow my daughter's phone)

Medieval Queen

I love this kit it is a Textile Heritage Bookmark Kit, I finished the King for my Father last year and have nearly finished the Queen for Mum.  The Textile Heritage Bookmark kits have a good amount of detail in them and make gorgeous gifts.  The instructions are easy to understand and the threads are of a good quality thus reducing the number of snags.  So here she is nearly finished just a little more back stitching needed. The felt that is rovided for the backing is a green that suits the piece very well the tassle and cord is also included. Sadly this picture does not do justice to the piece I will hunt out my other camera for the finished piece.

Wintertime Wolves
A quick update on Wintertime Wolves. FInally the wolf has a tummy.

A New Kit
I was gifted this Bucilla Kit "Tiny Stocking Ornaments" Makes 30 Miniture Christmas Stocking Ornaments definately want to start this kit soon.

Take each minute for  the precious gift it is

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