Thursday, 1 March 2012

A Blog is Born

And so it begins.....

 At last the journey begins.  I am an avid reader of many cross stitch and lifestyle blogs and have planned, thought about, decided on and finally acted here is the begining of my story.
For many years I have loved cross stitch and found a great enjoyment in the planning of a project and the stitching but most of all looking at the finished work taking it's place of pride in my home or of sending it out as a gift for the loved ones in my life. 
I get that warm and tingly feeling when I see that one of the blogs I follow have updated their progress and like a miser watching his gold accrue I am with great anticipation seeing the neat stitches grow on everyone's masterpieces.
I am a single Mum to five but three of my babies have grown and flown the nest leaving me with my Dear Daughters 12 and 14 from here on in known to you all as Miss E and Miss P. Of course the most well behaved child in the house is my furbaby Moe...a Moodle cross Maltese and Toy Poodle.  He is the one faithful and constant in my life (with the added bonus he doesn't chat back).

Well to start off with my first project that ..... I am currently working on Wintertime Wolves....Started 07/02/2012
"Wintertime Wolves"
The Gold Collection
18 x 11 inches
Designed by Larry Fanning
Progress as of 26/02/2012

I have quite a few WIP's and will hunt them out tto post here and am setting myself a few challenges over the upcoming months.  Perhaps you would like to join me?

Taking each gift and day as it comes

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  1. Looks great and cant wait to see the other WIP you have on the go :)