Thursday, 8 March 2012

Australian Suppliers

For my fellow Australian Cross Stitchers

I have recenetly been drooling over some of the lovely patterns that I see some of the overseas bloggers have so readily available.  Of course we can order them from OS but I recently came across this Online Source which is based in Australia.  They have a large number of  Cross Stitch patterns that come from the US and other parts of the world.  They also stock many of the threads and fabrics needed.  Also being in Australia the time it takes for your parcel of goodies to arrive is reduced and if you are like me hopping from one foot to the other waiting for your cross stitch goodies to finally turn up on the doorstep this is quite a treat so here is the link

They also provide a phone number and if you are in WA their address and shop hours

Now for other supplies such as my magnetic board and stand to hold my Cross stitch patterns I use another Australian online source and what I love about this store is that they deliver so quickly I received my last order within 48 hours of payment so without further ado

Hope that this is helpful for some on my Aussie co-stitchers


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